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That’s more of the takeaway that I would see as opposed to same-sex relationships are second best or lesbians aren’t hot. You can see how women’s sexuality is being oppressed by heteronormative expectation.”On the flip side, however, there are some women who at some point during the study identified as 100 percent homosexual and said they have slept with men. Mc Clintock notes, “There’s a difference between I’ve had sex with a guy vs.

you were actually attracted to and wanted to have sex with him.

I can’t measure it but we know it’s a huge factor in society.”“If she’s someone who’s attracted to both men and women, then yeah, she very well could end up with a man and she may identify as 100 percent straight, in which case, if that’s her self-identification, is she necessarily a bisexual woman who ended up with a straight guy? And since society is making a shifting toward becoming more queer-positive, this can only be a good thing for women who have felt the pressure to be 100 percent heterosexual if that’s not how they truly feel inside.

Gender is your identity, and sexuality is who you're attracted to.

Mc Clintock hopes the focus is on the societal factors that contribute to women acknowledging their wants and attractions.“I would hope that first of all, people try not to pick the most offensive interpretations of it,” she said.

“What I’m interested in really is the social construction of social identity and heteronormative pressure can influence your sexual identity. “Given the same attractions and desires, women in different contexts may end up following different paths both in terms of who they partner with and in terms of the identity they attach to themselves.”What this new study illustrates best is that women should not feel stuck in the identities they choose for themselves at 16, 28, or beyond, for that matter. Mc Clintock says her samples of middle-age women indicate that they change their sexual identity more than men do: “So women seem to have a certain amount of fluidity or change, however you want to describe it, throughout their whole life course.”) Hopefully this new information will help women to stop forcing labels or identities onto other women and learn to realize the fluidity that exists, innately, based on things both biological and societal.

Mc Clintock said, “And both men and women with more educated mothers were more likely to identify as non-heterosexual.

So if you grow up in a more accepting family atmosphere, they end up feeling a little more fervent in their identifications later.”And while this could lead to headlines like “Moms Who Go to School Breed Lesbian Daughters,” Dr.

Maybe they had the potential and were repressed by heteronormativity.Elizabeth Aurora Mc Clintock‘s presentation “The Social Context of Sexual Identity,” which she presented at the 110th Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association this week in Chicago.Headlines range from “Educated and attractive women ‘more likely to say they are 100% heterosexual’, claims study” to “Women, are you gay for the stay?Those relationships are more easily available.”Essentially, if you live in a small town, you may not find as many women to date as men, or maybe there’s so much homophobia, you know you won’t find acceptance.These kinds of things may sway who you partner with, despite your same-sex attraction.“Sexual identity is not something that people naturally and inevitably possess, and the categories used to classify sexual identity are equally socially constructed.”Whatever you label yourself as (lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, sexually fluid, etc.), you weren’t born with an assignment. “Does a bisexual woman have to self-identify as bisexual or does she have to be attracted to both men and women? Even the refusal of one is affected by things outside of yourself.“The thing is, though, once we’ve created these social constructs—and race is another really good example—they’re kind of arbitrary, but because we all believe in them and we all adopt them, and even saying you’re unlabeled—that’s an identity,” Dr. “It’s acknowledging that sexuality regime, even if you resist it.

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I’m not necessarily saying rape, but [things like] societal pressures.”Still, there are women who identify as lesbians that have attractions to men, and bisexual women who may have attractions to both genders but not necessarily act on them. Mc Clintock says there is no one way to define these labels; it has to be self-identification and forcing them onto others is not productive.“Bisexual means whatever that person says it is.

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