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Throughout the towns and villages of Kent, fighting is heavy and confused throughout these morning hours.

The major British unit in the area is 1st London Division (XII Corps, Eastern Command), a Territorial unit NOT sent to France.

But what if the Germans had won the Battle of Britain?

They came very close, after all, and such a victory could have opened the door for a “Sea Lion” invasion as we’re exploring here.

Western Europe had just been crushed in a stunning German blitzkrieg, and carrying the offensive across the English Channel to topple the United Kingdom seemed, for a brief window, to at least pose a tantalizing (and terrifying) possibility. The German Luftwaffe (Air Force) failed to defeat the British Royal Air Force (RAF) in the epic Battle of Britain.

Without air supremacy, German prospects in any cross-channel invasion were nil.

A glider assault force of 7th Airborne Division has been detailed with taking this former RAF field, so dozens of waiting Junkers Ju-52 transport planes can bring in larger elements of German light infantry.Of course, those airfields (like Hawkinge) had to be taken first.Of course, Hawkinge airfield was just one target the Germans have struck from the air on S-Day.Hawkinge has had an RAF airfield since World War I, and served as an important staging point during the invasion of France.During the Battle of Britain, it was eventually put out of action by heavy Luftwaffe attacks, but now it may serve as a “staging airfield” for the enemy.

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Thus, they never lost most of their heavy equipment at Dunkirk and so make a good account of themselves.

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