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(The Creek and later refugees who joined them developed as the Seminole Indians of Florida.) During the First Seminole War, General Andrew Jackson fought two separate skirmishes in and around Tallahassee, which was then Spanish territory. Chief Neamathla, of the village of Fowltown just west of present-day Tallahassee, had refused Jackson's orders to relocate.

Jackson responded by entering the village, burning it to the ground, and driving off its occupants. The first session of Florida's Legislative Council—as a territory of the United States—met on July 22, 1822 at Pensacola, the former capital of West Florida. Augustine, the former capital of East Florida, traveled fifty-nine days by water to attend. Augustine, and western delegates needed 28 days to travel perilously around the peninsula to reach Pensacola.

The Spanish Empire established their first colonial settlement at St. During the 17th century they established several missions in the Apalachee territory in order to procure food and labor to support their settlement, as well as to convert the natives to Christianity (their form was Roman Catholicism).

The largest, Mission San Luis de Apalachee in Tallahassee, has been partially reconstructed by the state of Florida.

The Indians later retaliated, killing 50 soldiers and civilians. According to Jackson's adjutant, Colonel Robert Butler, they "advanced on the Indian village called Tallahasse (sic) [where] two of the enemy were made prisoner." The United States finally acquired West Florida from the Spanish in 1818. During this session, delegates decided to hold future meetings at a halfway point.

Two appointed commissioners selected Tallahassee, at that point an abandoned Apalachee settlement, as a halfway point.

The Marquis de Lafayette, French hero of the American Revolution, returned to the United States in 1824 for a tour. In 1845 a Greek revival masonry structure was erected as the Capitol building in time for statehood.

A small engagement, the Battle of Natural Bridge, was fought south of the city on March 6, 1865, just a month before the war ended.

It is the county seat and only incorporated municipality in Leon County.

S state of Florida, and the 126th-largest city in the United States.

In 1858, the seminary absorbed the Tallahassee Female Academy and became coeducational.

In 1887 the Normal College for Colored Students, ancestor of today's FAMU, opened its doors.

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It was likely an expression of the Creek people who migrated from areas of Georgia and Alabama to this region in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, under pressure from European-American encroachment on their territory.

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