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Pieces of the African ethnic subculture were eventually adopted by the mainstream.

Nonetheless, the African character of the African American culture is less pronounced than in societies where Blacks were the majority of the people.

Africans, whether as slaves or free immigrants, brought a variety of African cultural influences to the New World.

They came from so many places in Africa and were too scattered throughout the Americas to reestablish all the conditions of their homelands.

Creole has now been given greater respect in the literature and political life of the Caribbean islands.

As a distinct minority the beginnings for African people in the Americas, brought on cultural change in their lives.

By the early 20th century, however, it had attracted all classes and races.

Yet wherever possible, they prepared and accepted reality with the African immigration to the Americas may have begun before European exploration of the area.

African slave trading began before Columbus, and the earliest Spanish and Portuguese explorers.

The percentage of Africans in local society and the time they spent in any one place played in the development of an African (central or south) American culture in Latin America.

In countries such as Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico, African immigrants were the minority.

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