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Yato's blue eyes which change in appearance depending on the emotions he feels - typically, when he is serious or angry they are slitted and reminiscent of a cat.Yato is shown to be a character who is typically very playful and childish with a sneaky side to him.‘The doctor explained that if Sam’s sperm count had been low there were things that could be done to help us conceive, but with no sperm at all, we would never be able to have children,’ recalls Clair.

Yato is very caring of those around him, even though that may not be seen so easily when first meeting him.Later, when a blue line came up positive, my mum, sister and I were in tears.We woke my dad to tell him, too.‘At that point, I didn’t even stop to think that it would have been nice to have shared it with a partner.He's very brave, risking his life for Yukine, in order to prove his point.Yato's main goals appear to be becoming extremely popular as a God, which seems to be quite a sore point for him.

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