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Five of the other nine players on the roster—including Lucas Barker, Taylor Dyson and Dylan Hare—had been on the Victoria Metro under-18 team, which had made the 2010 national championship game.Dyson, a 6'4" shooting guard, led Australia in scoring at the 2010 FIBA Under-17 World Championship and he, Barker and Hare were already playing against men in the D-League of the South East Australian Basketball League, a semi-professional association regarded as the second-best in the country after the professional National Basketball League.Instead, he embraced a role as a wing coming off the bench.And Goorjian made sure that his team used Simmons' elite ball-handling and passing. "He had this unreal ability to just thread the needle through those gaps and find the guy who was cutting," Dyson says.”Goorjian firmly believes that Simmons is a naturally left-handed shooter.Barker and Dyson—proficient shooters who have watched Simmons play since his under-12 days—concur and are mildly amused by the theory, which they saw constantly on TV during their four-year collegiate careers in America, that Simmons is shooting with his wrong hand. They believe that Simmons is ambidextrous inside the foul line.Australia won silver, losing the gold medal game to a Team USA side featuring Tyus Jones, Justise Winslow, Jabari Parker and Jahlil Okafor.About a year later, in mid-2013, Simmons left Australia for Montverde Academy in Florida.

And that year, they couldn't stop talking about Simmons.

"And it might've been the tiniest little bit of space.

He might've had half a second to get that pass off, but he had that vision and he had the ability to make those passes."He was—and is—a pass-first player.

It was a trait that Dyson had noticed ever since he'd first encountered him as the 10-year-old little brother of his friend Olivia.

When he wasn't inside playing video games, the kid rode his bike around the eastern suburb of Blackburn North, where his family lived, and played with the basketball that was always in his hands.

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