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For spoilers on Comps, Alliances and House Stats visit us at For Saturday, August 5th go to AM BBT Josh, Elena and Paul are in the HOH room talking and lounging.Josh says he wants to understand what the issue is when it comes to Cody.She says that he lives like 5 minutes away from her.She says she hasn’t seen him around lately when she was out of the BB house. AM BBT Matt goes to the bathroom as well and seems to check on her. Alex whispers to Paul about how Jessica is sitting on the bathroom couch.In the bathroom, Jessica is lounging on the couch and talking to Mark. Kevin asked where Elena was and Josh mentioned her, Paul and him were upstairs having casual talk about dating. Elena is also now in the Green room talking with the crew. Kevin and her hug and the Green room crew are having casual talk with a few side conversations going on.Alex and Christmas are now talking in a whisper about something. Alex mentions one of the houseguest is aging and look different than when he did day one. AM BBT Casual talk continues with Elena, Josh and Paul in HOH.Talk turns to Elena’s past relationship and cameras switch to the Rose room where most houseguest are sleeping.

f Paul Jokingly says they should have a food fight during the live show. Christmas says they had to pull Josh out because him and Jason were playing around too much.

They continue to talk about their personalities as Paul lays his head in Elena’s lap on one of the couches and Josh lies in the bed.

In the green room, lights are out with Alex, Jason, Kevin and Mark. Back in HOH, Josh, Elena and Paul are still having casual talk. She said if she was younger she was way more aggressive/reactive. Josh says being in the BB house he misses a lot of things.

Still more casual talk about girls and the amount of make-up they wear but no game talk. She says she can’t sleep so instead of tossing and turning she came to the bathroom to lounge. Alex also gets up to go to the bathroom but her and Jessica don’t acknowledge each other. Cameras follow Matt and Alex as they head back to bed whispering about something. Paul leaves and Christmas is now in the Green room.

In the green room lights are out, and you can hear Alex saying I know you are trying to mess with me. Josh is now in the Apple room with the Green room crew. Kevin asks Christmas where she was and she says the DR.

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