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Luigi Goterelli, the owner, gives Claude his first job in the city, to drive Misty from the hospital back to the club.

Claude, successful in his errand, continues to be employed by Goterelli, who also has him kill a drug dealer and two pimps, before having him drive Misty to Joey Leone's garage.

Salvatore's wife Maria, however, phones Claude and directs him to a small pier where the two meet Asuka Kasen, co-leader of the Yakuza, and flee to Staunton Island after Maria had told her husband that she was dating Claude.

While being transferred to Liberty State Penitentiary in Portland, Claude escapes from a police convoy after the Colombian Cartel attack the convoy to free the Old Oriental Gentleman.

Claude and 8-Ball escape to a safehouse in the Red Light District, before moving on to Sex Club Seven.

Claude is a laid-back man that appears almost emotionless regardless of the situation.

Provided he is paid for his services, he will take orders from his bosses without restraint or question, and usually gives a nod or two to show that he understands; even when he is getting scolded or shouted at by his bosses for doing something wrong or when things don't pan out well for them.

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