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After the chat, users can give each other “kisses” to signify interest; if both people give a kiss, the pair matches and can message further through the app’s interface.Safety features are included to protect users from the uncertainties that could be involved in video chatting.“Juniors and seniors, and possibly our large graduate student population, because they’re (more often) the ones who are looking for a meaningful relationship…On other apps, there aren’t a lot of people who are coming out of that with a relationship, or even a great story.”Stanton, who helped to build the app’s interface from scratch, is 35 and married.He wrote the Daily in an email he found it difficult to learn any real facts about a person from a dating profile through his own online dating experiences.

The website was launched in November 2010 by two graduate students at Columbia University.

When someone opens the app, they are met with a circle of profile pictures centered around a graphic of a bottle.

The user presses on the bottle image to spin it, and whoever it lands on is immediately called through the app for a thirty-second video chat.

“We are now open to all accredited colleges and universities in the United States with plans to expand internationally this year,” Hayworth said.

Currently, Date My School boasts over one million users, approximately 5,300 of which are Mason students or alumni.

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“I think it would be fun to have more students on the site! big it would be a great way to meet more [people], whether it’s for dating or just talking,” the student said.

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