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It reports summary proposals from the various consultations held both nationally and regionally.

Designed in a participatory and decentralized approach, these consultations have made it possible to gather factual and contextual data on the four (04) themes selected for the workshops, as well as proposals that, if translated into actions, would help develop an action plan.

Data from the National Statistics Institute highlight their extreme poverty: 75 percent of rural women are living below the poverty line.

And they are often deprived of basic social services.

This discord spurred most of the migrations of peoples southward toward the forest belt.

The dense rain forest covering the southern half of the country created barriers to large-scale political organizations as seen further north.

See Less - Tall, Madani M.; Kraidy, Agnes A.; Noubissie, Emmanuel N.. Being a women in Cote d'Ivoire : empowerment challenges - Abidjan country office gender consultations report summary (English).

In Africa, women are subjected to discriminatory practices that keep them in a vulnerable situation.

Their limited access to land, in a continent where the majority of the population depends on agriculture, reduces their access to credit and their capacity...

By controlling the trade routes with their powerful military forces, these empires were able to dominate neighboring states.

The Sudanic empires also became centers of Islamic learning.

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