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During the final stages of the war, the Tunny network became increasingly disorganised.One carried the radio equipment, which had to be kept well away from teleprinters for fear of interference.The Tunny machine was manufactured by the German Lorenz company.The first model bore the designation SZ40, ‘SZ’ standing for ‘Schlüsselzusatz’ (‘cipher attachment’).And more importantly than any of this, the right person to address this kind of thing with is your husband, not his coworker.He’s the one whose behavior matters to your marriage.

And for what it’s worth, selling Super Bowl squares to a coworker is the kind of thing that is normal coworker behavior; it doesn’t indicate an affair. He had an affair with a coworker for three years before we met and for about five months after we were together.He denied having the affair, but I found all of their emails, texts and so on. He says that he has nothing more to do with her, but he sold her some Super Bowl squares and I threw a big fit and sent her an email telling her to stay away from my husband and I was not telling her again.A radio operator then transmitted the ciphertext in the form of Morse code.Morse code was not used with Tunny: the output of the Tunny machine, encrypted teleprinter code, went directly to air.

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The Tunny machine Tunny was one of three types of teleprinter cipher machine used by the Germans.

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