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For decades, the 65-year-old psychologist had led the Child Youth and Family Gender Identity Clinic (), in Toronto, one of the most well-known clinics in the world for children and adolescents with gender dysphoria — that is, the feeling that the body they were born with doesn’t fit their true gender identity.

Zucker had built up quite a during his time leading the clinic: In addition to being one of the most frequently cited names in the research literature on gender dysphoria and gender-identity development, and the editor of the prestigious journal Archives of Sexual Behavior, he took a leading role helping devise diagnostic and treatment guidelines for gender dysphoric and transgender individuals.

That was when he was called in from vacation for an a.m.

meeting with his employer, the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (), one of the largest mental health and addiction research hospitals in Canada.

(Zucker’s attorney, John Adair, confirmed this account of his dismissal, while a article.) For transgender activists in North America and around the world, the ouster of one of their biggest enemies in the field of mainstream sex research was a spectacular victory.The activists had won what seemed like a satisfying end to a simple, sad story.“Infamous Reparative Therapy Clinic For Transgender Youth Set To Close” trumpeted Think Progress. A Big, Bad Conversion Therapy Clinic For Trans Youth In Canada Is Shutting Down,” went the responded to a sustained campaign of political pressure: by allowing a vital scientific question — vital not only to gender-dysphoric and transgender young people, but to anyone who is a parent or will one day become one — to be decided by activists on the basis of flimsy, anonymous allegations.Hayley Wood, was laid off on her first day back from maternity leave.(Wood declined to comment for this by Christina Bartha, executive director of the hospital’s Underserved Populations Program.

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