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If you don't understand these two things by the end of the book, you didn't read it, because EVERY character goes out of his/her way to compliment Jennifer on them. Incidentally, Jennifer receives a phone call later that day inviting her back for an interview as an "executive assistant." Upon returning to Wenn Industries, she realizes that Alex is actually Alexander Wenn, the billionaire and CEO of the business. He wants to pay her a quarter million dollar salary to dress up in expensive clothes and jewelry and accompany him to society events as his girlfriend. But to be fair, Alex and Jennifer insist that the "business arrangement" is totally legit.Her roommate does it:"Stop underestimating your looks. Every woman wishes she had a body like yours."Some other rich guy does it like it's going out of style:"You're obviously a hit here tonight. You see, Alex can't get any of his business networking done with hoards of preening gold-diggers trying to dip their manicured hands into his bank account. Don't pretend that Alex has any other recourse than to hire a professional pretend girlfriend to keep the bitches at bay. Thus begins a tedious rendering of the written word that features such gripping stories as: Jennifer Goes Shopping, Jennifer Gets Dressed, Walking Through High Society Functions, Meaningless Business Talk, Jennifer and Her Roommate Get Dressed For Dinner, Jennifer's Roommate's Writing Process, DANCE ABUSE, People Tell Jennifer She's a Hottie, Restaurant Stuff, Dead Wife Matchmaking, and the ever-popular Jennifer Uses Her Brilliant Mind to Tell off Bitches.It is very short and does feel like the story is just getting started when it ends, versus feeling like a complete novel.However, it was an easy and enjoyable read that kept me entertained. Review for Vol 1-4: This was a great read, the suspense was good and I liked the main characters.That aside, I did enjoy this book, despite the predictability.Let's face it, some story lines get repeated because they work. While both Alex and Jennifer had many of the cliche characteristics we've all come to expect in this familiar storyline (history of abuse, tragic loss of loved one, jealousy issues, unwillingness to acknowledge feelings, etc.), they were not too extreme or overdone and were both very likable characters.

For Jennifer Kent, a recent MBA graduate who has been searching for work in Manhattan for four long months, time and money are running out. As she's swept into this glittering otherworld of society and big business, she finds herself struggling to keep from falling for Alex, an almost impossible feat she nevertheless must meet.

Shelves: feisty-heroine-nitwits, virgin-heroine, self-esteem-crisis, wrong-side-of-tracks-heroine, attack-of-the-mary-sues, boring, constanticrap, too-wtf-to-resist, exclusive-prostitute-club, blame-bavr, dead-spouse-baggage, curiosity-killed-the-raptor, freeeeeeeeeeeeee, new-adult, herein-be-a-moo, accidental-prostitute WARNING: GIFs and some spoilers ahead!

On 1/27, I posted this status update as a warning that I would flip shit if the book continued to chronicle the process of shopping and dressing for every little event.

Alex did not come off as an overbearing, aggressive jackass, like many of the alpha-males in this genre do.

Similarly, Jennifer was not the weak-minded pushover that is so typical of the heroines in this genre.

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