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The CDC found that more doctors are treating their pregnant patients' urinary tract infections with one of two antibiotics that may cause birth defects, despite warnings against doing so issued in 2011.Eleanor Waring (pictured left and right, ill in hospital), 19, from East Riding of Yorkshire, developed back and chest pains before Christmas.Since cutting out meats for dinner and ice cream before bed, he has dropped 60 pounds (left), is off all heart medications and runs marathons.He told Daily Mail Online: 'I feel like a young guy trapped in an older guy's body..the older body is doing great!' Natasha Coates, from Nottingham, has mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS) which causes severe allergic-like symptoms to weather, many foods and products.She suffers seizures, throat swelling, difficulty breathing, and migraines.The witty actress and comedian is almost as well-known for her love of hot dogs (right) and vodka (left) as she is for her iconic role on the 1980s and 1990s sitcom, Golden Girls (center).Approaching 96, Betty credits her fast food and nightly cocktails for her good health.

For the first time, Joe Biden has acknowledged there could be a link between the pits and the cancer which killed his son Beau.

Mr Lynskey, who is one of around 100 people in the UK to be fitted with the device, has to carry two large battery packs, each lasting around eight hours, a small computer device and spare equipment (pictured in inset) with him at all times.

In 2015 he suffered his third cardiac arrest at 17 years old while playing football (pictured left in hospital after surgery).

She was left unable to walk and 'crying out in pain' every time she breathed.

She is now urging others to be aware of the potential side effects of the Pill.

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