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Halfway through the film, I was hoping Alexis would get his by a bus so Ami could take over as the female lead.The director, Howard Deutch, has lost his way over the years.Baldwin brings energy to scenes where it is otherwise sorely lacking, but his total screen time doesn't exceed ten minutes.Similar compliments can be heaped upon Lizzy Caplan (as Alexis' roommate, Ami). They invite us to fall in love with the main characters as they fall in love with each other.That's difficult to accomplish when viewers find themselves actively disliking those characters.There are people out there who love him, but his body of work, such as it is, is underwhelming.

Alec Baldwin has a grand time playing Tank's philandering father, who will sleep with anything possessing the correct body parts.Instead of channeling the oddly charming goofball personality Biggs employed in American Pie, the actor has tapped into something unsavory.If this is the filmmakers' notion of a "nice guy," they have some twisted ideas.He began his career as the hand-picked helmsman for two of John Hughes' most beloved teen films, Pretty in Pink and Some Kind of Wonderful.After that, he moved on to making bad sequels to dubious "franchises." Now he has led us to this pit of a romantic comedy.

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