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In the first experiment, men were asked to read a hypothetical story about a date or meet a real woman in a speed dating situation.

The women they read about in the story, or met on the date, behaved in either a positive, interested manner (i.e.

That is to say, playing hard to get magnified desire if it already existed in the first place — but it wasn’t able to create desire from scratch. ,’ and you move from being chosen (passive) to being the chooser (active).”When she put it that way, something clicked. easy to get), or in a detached and aloof manner (i.e. The second experiment was folded into the speed-dating component of the first: some of the male participants were set up with women for whom they’d already expressed some interest, and some of them were set up with randomly-assigned women.At the end of the experiment — and take this with a heteronormative grain of salt — researchers concluded that individuals who played “easy to get” were seen as more likable, while individuals who played “hard to get” were seen as more desirable.It’s like getting thrown in a pool without floaties and being expected to know how to do a perfect backstroke. “It’s a two-sided affair to which both parties have agreed, and the norms need to be more egalitarian.Gender norms aside, I also dislike textual marination and the other ‘hard to get’ techniques. We need to drop the schoolyard shtick.”Tim agreed with Julian, at least in part: “There is something very attractive when a woman takes the initiative to reach out and organize dates,” he said.

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Increase your perceived value by appearing “scarce”2.

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