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The area became the kingdom of the tribe known as the Parisi.

After invading Britain in 43 AD the Romans crossed the Humber Estuary in 71 AD to invade the Northumbrian territory of the Parisi tribe.

Christianity is the religion with the largest following in the area and there is a higher than average percentage of retired people in residence.

The economy is mainly based on agriculture and this, along with tourism, has contributed to the rural and seaside character of the Riding.

By the later Bronze Age, an open, cleared, landscape predominated on the Wolds.

From around 2000 to 800 BC, the people of the Bronze Age built the 1,400 Bronze Age round barrows that are known to exist on the Yorkshire Wolds.The Yorkshire Wolds became a major focus for human settlement during the Neolithic period as they had a wide range of natural resources.The oldest monuments found on the Wolds are the Neolithic long barrows and round barrows.The wetlands on either side of the Wolds in the River Hull valley, Holderness and the Vale of York were also being used for animal rearing at this time.In the Iron Age there were further cultural changes in the area.

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