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Gerber knives are smooth opening, firm gripping, and razor sharp.Gerber knives are designed for many disciplines including hunting, fishing, and military tactics.Al Mar, then working for Gerber as a knife designer, added the sawtooth serrations toward the hilt, marketing the knife as a "survival aid", making it more appealing to the PX System, which resumed selling the Mark II as a survival knife, rather than a fighting knife.Founded in 1939, Gerber is an American brand that is dedicated to crafting problem-solving, life-saving knives, multi-tools, cutting tools, and equipment. I am a fan of most any high carbon, American made, slip joints. We in Komifornia have not gotten the news yet :) You know, upon further investigation I believe you are correct. I own a couple of both of those brands and they are nice knives. Below are 87 unique Gerber Folding Knives that are in stock and ready to ship.

Gerber’s storied past paved the way for an innovative, product-driven future.

With a history dating back to 1910, Gerber knives have been around for a century.

Choose from a large selection of high quality Gerber knives.

Yes lets include multi tools If it is made in USA and can cut rope lets list the maker. b=8&f=9&t=283615) They seem to support John Kerry and John Edwards...

The criteria was "made in America"; not the political leaning of the chief executive.

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