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■Opening Hours – ■Admission Fee : Adults 500 JPY / Children 300 JPYThis is the only former samurai residence in the Samurai Residential Preservation District open to the public.The property is surrounded by a high fence and gate, with a garden facing onto the street and the main house at the rear. This was involved with the management and administration of the mine during the 17th century.Try going inside the worship hall and experiencing a mysterious phenomenon.Place yourself on the center of the wooden floor, where you can find a dragon above on the ceiling.There are approximately 600 mine tunnels that were used for excavated for mining silver in this site, and they are called “Mabu” in Japanese.Among them, the Ryugenji-mabu is one of the only two mine tunnels open to public, you can walk through 273m of the 600 meters length mine.■ Opening hours : – (enter by ) ■ Closed : Last Tuesday of every month, New Year’s Holiday) ■ Admission : Adult - 300 JPY / Elementary, Junior High School Students - FREEThe Iwami Silvermine Museum, dating from 1902, was a town administrative office standing on the site of the magistrate’s office which oversaw the Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine in Omori.

Omori Town flourished as the management base of the Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine.It is a great source for background information before heading on to the mine.Kigami shrine has been enshrined as the guardian deity of Omori town for over 400 years.In those days, it was said that you can find statues which remind you of your descended relatives among them.The rumor spread and many people who had lost their family came here to find them.

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It is 2.3 km to the mine tunnel, and you can either go on a paved street or a nature trail. As you go through the forest, you will find many remains of mine tunnels, shrines and temples; the remains of the Shimazudani Refinery, a ruin of a modern refinery that adopted western techniques.

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