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At Brandroot, you are purchasing more than just a name – you are purchasing an identity.To that end, we pride ourselves on providing everything you need to get your new website up and running.To avoid an unsatisfactory situation, we recommend that the highest level of diligence be performed prior to placing an order.We are here to answer any and all questions that arise during this’re offering your goods or services to customers), you can complete your Cognate CM registration by entering information about your brand, and how you use it.Cognate CM will then review your application, and if granted, you will receive CM certification status.Within 24 hours, you will receive a second email from a Brandroot representative detailing how to prepare for the transfer of your domain name.

Once your business is up and running on your new domain (i.e.In many countries, including the United States, trademark rights are use-based, meaning rights are earned simply by using a mark “in commerce”.In other words, you start owning rights to your brand once you’re using it to sell goods or services.This means you can start using the CM certification mark in conjunction with your brand to put potential infringers on notice of your trademark use (ex: My Brand CM).Brandroot serves as a third-party marketplace and escrow agent for domain names.

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