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Consistent with large-scale attachment style studies, nearly three-quarters of the sample reported being securely attached.

The key comparisons yielded no differences between AGRs and SARs.

It’s well known that men tend to marry women younger than themselves, a pattern that leads to increasingly unbalanced male-to-female gender ratios as you move up to older and older age groups.

Men also have a lower life expectancy than women, leaving women in the 75-and-up age bracket with fewer and fewer choices of heterosexual partners.

There are some assumptions within this framework — for example, that people behave in ways that are intended to guarantee the future of the species rather than in response to sociocultural influences.That older man (or woman) may just be someone who is a good fit to his partner, and, like other couples who defy stereotypes, their psychological bonding can transcend the demographics.Follow me on Twitter @swhitbo for daily updates on psychology, health, and aging.With age, men may acquire greater power or possess more property, financial and otherwise.The older men with the most appeal to younger women would be those with financial prosperity who are willing to heap some of those financial rewards onto their partner.

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