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We immediately dive back into coaching, and I'm nearly bubbling over because of the information I want to share with Tom.

See, Tom's weakness was the same as most of our weaknesses - he expected everyone to overlook his deficiencies, but he wouldn't really consider overlooking most women's deficiencies.

I encouraged him to look at his past for verification of this.

His refusal to consider women outside his very narrow definition of attractive was effectively relegating him to a life of solitude.

Quickly, Katz realized that people needed support in all aspects of dating, and expanded his services into dating and relationship coaching.

His second book, “Why You’re Still Single – Things Your Friends Would Tell You If You Promised Not to Get Mad” (Plume, 2006), was a critical success, yet the dating coach was ignoring the very same advice that was leading his clients to love.

Katz likens his Love U coaching program to a Masters Degree in Men, and the metaphor is apt.

His clients invariably find their education about men lessens their frustration and increases their likelihood of attracting a like-minded long-term partner.

He gets a flurry of attention, dates around a bit, tries a few relationships and is then blindsided as he's diagnosed with a neurological disease like M. Suddenly, the 5'3" accountant can't walk without a walker and extensive rehab.I suggest it was no coincidence after I learned that lesson from you my love life took a turn for the best. When we first worked together, I was impressed with how marketable she was.With her brilliant blue eyes and blond hair, she had the looks that would attract hundreds of men - what she didn't have was the wherewithal to make the right decisions with Within a few months of our initial coaching, Marianne found love.His love life is put on Tom returns to me a year and a half later; depressed and frustrated at his lot in life.He has so much to give, but no one will give him the time of day.

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