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In today's digital world, it's hard to keep up with all of your child's new friends, followers, and fellow gamers.

u Know Kids identifies your child's newest and most active contacts as well as a roster of all their contacts.

Face-Time is set at an unspecified date in the early 21st century, when the sex scandals rocking the presidency of Bill Clinton have faded into history--but the Washington, D.

C., in which it takes place isn't too much different from that of 1998.

You feel their energy, because basically we are primal beings, and that’s all we are. Think about if you just said to the person, “Hey, I know we’ve both been on dates that didn’t work out and we didn’t feel it, and chemistry is face-to-face, we all know that.” That’s the one universal thing that both men and women agree on, and there are not many points that both men and women agree on. But you’re going to be exposed to more people, and the more people you are exposed to, the greater chance of you have of finding the love that you deserve.

Your child sends and receives a lot of text messages. u Know Kids will sort through the noise and help you focus on the most important text messages allowing you to step in as a parent when you see fit.u Know Kids will help you make sense of all the noise on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

u Know Kids will give you early warning on the social media "challenges" that are trending.

In short, u Know Kids will help you focus on the most important status updates, posts, comments, photos, and direct messages, so that you can step in as a parent when necessary.If you are a working parent, u Know Kids can give you the peace-of-mind to know that your kids arrived home on time after school.We can assure you that your child is at the movies on Friday night as expected.Ben Krause is a thirtysomething speechwriter for charismatic president Charles Sheffield.His girlfriend, Gretchen, works in the White House travel office--and when President Sheffield catches sight of her at a party, he quickly executes his droit de seigneur.

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