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In 2006 Stephen Wolinsky proposed the idea of traveling to India to film Nisargadatta Maharaj’s translators and disciples to explore the legacy Maharaj left behind in his hometown, Mumbai. All About Nothing is a Dutch film (with English subtitles) and invites you to let go of the daily rotating hamster wheel - with a completely different perspective on life.In 2007 Zaya and Maurizio Benazzo together with Stephen Wolinsky, Philip Safarik and Fred Good traveled to India to shoot this film. - Lena talks in this live-chat from 22nd of January 2015 what we can expect from the New Age and how we can deal with the changes in 2015 without having stress. Lena Giger, Crystal Child from Switzerland, speaking in a Livestream video recording on the topic "How Criystal Children Heal" on the occasion of the 1st Congress for Holistic Spiritual Healing in Munich organized by Jeet-TV from 15th / 16th May 2010. This centuries-old philosophy from India is called Nonduality and is among other things underpinned by Albert Einstein, Eckhart Tolle and Ramana Maharshi.The first step to police verification is a police constable visiting your residence.It is important that you are present personally to sign the verification documents.If all documents are in order, the verification is updated with the passport office.We value excellent academic writing and strive to provide outstanding essay writing services each and every time you place an order.

This morning I again picked up your book and read some pages at random. A beautiful work…one that I would recommend to anyone to read. Link to the book In this interview John de Ruiter speaks about the basics of his teaching. Lisa sits down with Craig Villarrubia to discuss her new book, Nonduality, A Course in Miracles, and much about nothing :) Watch the video...In this experiment of conscious living it becomes very clear how mind structures and trauma prevent Awakening. This interview with Ananta was done by Reinhold in August 2013 via internet. From this material a book, a DVD and an internet page with video clips was created.The masters: This Darshan with Veeresh was filmed by Maren at the Rainbow Spirit Festival 2010 in Baden-Baden in Germany.The meeting with the old devotees was both illuminating as well as deeply touching. If you're touched by this insight everything in your life can fundamentally change... - Produced and Directed by Zaya&Maurizio Benazzo and Caroline Harrison. From 29th of May to 3rd of June 2012 the first Science and Nonduality Conference in Europe will take place, the SAND 2012 EUROPE - in The Netherlands, about 60 km from Amsterdam. Jeff Foster, Isaac Shapiro, Unmani, Karl Renz and Florian Schlosser will attend the conference.A short documentary capturing the intimacy, openness and deep wisdom of Rick Linchitz and his wife Rita as they go through the final weeks of a 14 year journey with lung cancer. Premananda dialogues with Reinhold about his new book and film "The Great Misunderstanding", and the Open Sky House Community which is the setting for this project about living spirituality. More information: anantaberlin (at) Watch the video... We have created a subpage for the Science and Nonduality Conference in Europe with links to videos of Gangaji, Rick Linchitz, Francis Lucille, Unmani, Mooji, Jeff Foster and Amit Goswami from privious conferences and videos from Nisargadatta. In the begining of this Interview from December 2011 Francis answered the questions in German. So these are part 3 and part 4 of the interview in English. Visit the film festival Maurer who has a child of the new generation: high sensibility, intelligent and active around the clock.

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Live Talks with Lisa Cairns almost every Wednesday and Sunday at 6pm (GMT 1). Live-Satsang with Samarpan from Cologne daily from Thursday, the 11th till Monday, den 15th of Jan. A village chapel playing near can be heard in the Satsang room, so the sound quality is temporarily restricted. These written and choreographed by Mayonah Bliss prayer and dance performance was staged on February 14, 2016 in the Satsang by Prem Baba in Saccha Dham Ashram in Rishikesh, India.

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