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This shows the variety of abbreviations teenagers use while texting.In text 2, it’s obvious that this conversation is different to teenager’s conversation.- In our English class we had to tell an embarrassing story orally to the entire class.We then made transcripts of our oral story and wrote a descriptive version.To give information you need good communication skills including the ability to write simply, clearly and concisely (Harris & Cunningham, 1996). Delineate the purpose of written communication, giving reasons for your answers....

The term itself cannot be defined in only one particular way because communication exists in a certain context and is dependable on the communicator and the audience....[tags: Papers] - “Even the best ideas are of small value unless communicated well.” People write in response to situations that call on them to put their thoughts and feelings into words.For example, a boss may ask an employee to write a report on how to market a new product line or the company for which an employee works is requesting assistance in designing a home page on the World Wide Web.[tags: Communication Oral Writing] - Communication is essential to human life.Every aspect of our daily lives is affected by our communication with others.

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Furthermore, in text 1, the conversation starts with a simple "wuu2”/what you up to which suggest that the two teenagers are close friends.

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