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A recent "Viking hoard" discovered in Galloway and Dumfriesshire attests to the wealth of some of the Norse inhabitants.

Galloway (Gaelic: Gall-ghidheil; Latin: Gallovidia)[1] is a region in southwestern Scotland comprising the counties of Wigtown and Kirkcubright.

, Sogn og Fjordane and Hordaland in what is now Norway to the Shetlands, on to the Orkneys and Hebrides and into the fiords of western Scotland.

They rowed into bays and estuaries and up shallow rivers and settled amongst the indigenous Gaelic, Pictish and Brythonic populations.

Some of those pieces may be from a completely different puzzle...

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Neither precludes the possibility of an even earlier migration of people from southern Sweden during the Nordic Bronze Age or from anytime between about 1100 BC to 800 AD (the TMRCA for FGC21765).By way of analogy, I pointed to theories about the mysterious Gall-Gidhil (Foreign Gaels Viking Gaels) of the ninth to eleventh centuries.The Gall-Gidhil are generally regarded as Gaelic-speakers from Ireland or the Hebrides who adopted a Viking lifestyle of sea-roving and raiding.Some of these "Norsemen" became the Gall-Gaedhil ("Scots and foster children of the Norsemen") and conquered the kingdoms of Dalriata and Alt Clut (Strathclyde).They were the first settlers of Iceland and had one of the first "parliaments" in the world.

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The TMRCA for this SNP is about 2900 YBP placing it within the Nordic Bronze Age.

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