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So, don't feel bad Austin either because, this is pretty much the situation with everyone. So hopefully of those two points, you've got an idea where to go.

[Jackson Hunter]: Yeah so, the fact that you're a religious guy is really like a non-issue. There's a lot of girls that are looking to be in a relationship with one guy.

You've heard all these guys and what they talk about.

Just pick one that you think, "Yeah, I like what this guy is saying.

[Angel Donovan]: So, as you know, Jackson's one of our top editors, been with us for a long time and we do Q&As from time to time together. [Angel Donovan]: Okay, so let's dive straight into these questions. "I got a bit addicted to learning and seeing the results. "Taking micro-steps, what should I do." Yeah, so the Implant Program is about taking micro-steps. I'm not dating anyone right now but, I'd like to be. Austin Decker." I'll jump in with my thoughts and then, Jackson will add his.

It is from Austin Decker and his question is, "I started my journey into this massive world of sex, seduction, dating girls and pick up on Tom Anderson's awesome blog." I don't actually know that one but, if you guys maybe want to check that out and open my eyes. I only want one girl at a time but, that doesn't mean that I don't want a lot of girls to like me and chase after me. I want to have tons of value from my own view and from other people's eyes.

So, I don't know if you're talking about results that you got yourself or hearing about other people's results and you got addicted to the idea of that?

So, talking about under aged and sex and all of that, that doesn't really concern me.

I was kissing girls when I was 11 and I think it's pretty much up to each of us how we do it as long as it's consensual. I don't think I can get shot for saying that but, I think we should acknowledge that a lot of under-aged kids are having sex. So, there's a few assumptions we kind of have to make to answer this and do you have anything else to add on the age Jackson just before we get started into it?

So, you get involved in things where you're going to meet. "And I talk with her about school work because, we have a lot of classes together but, I don't feel like we have that click.

So, you get involved in your church, whatever you go to. My parents think we're not compatible because, she's too big boned for me." It's a kind of a humorous remark there. I can't make her laugh." Well, it's great that you're already talking to her.

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You don't say which religion but, you just get more involved in that community, more social and you're going to meet lots more of those types of girls and there's of course, the online dating option and now, there's lots of niche dating sites focused on different religions and stuff. [Jackson Hunter]: No, I think we've covered everything. I think you can do well by putting that advice into action. Hope to hear from you soon and send us some feedback when you get rolling on that. this is actually a more unique question that we haven't had before. He'd prefer to be anonymous and this is his question: "I'm in junior high school. I know lots of kids that are very nervous at that age. We're just kids but, I see a lot of couples holding hands and kissing in the hallways and I want to do the same. I want to grow a few inches taller, 5'10", 5'11" is okay but, ideally 6'2", 6'4" and to have that deadly charm and contagious laugh. Thanks." Alright well first just before we jump into, there's a few details we're not actually sure about here.

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