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Harry got into a fight alongside George Weasley and got a lifetime ban from Quidditch, courtesy of Dolores Umbridge.Crabbe was happy about this; Harry Potter's and George Weasley's Quidditch bans were lifted when Umbridge was removed from Hogwarts. A similar event had occurred at the end of the previous year when Harry, Ron, Hermione, Fred, and George all used different hexes on them on the train.Grinning stupidly, they stuffed the cakes whole into their large mouths.

Crabbe and Gregory Goyle were rarely seen without their ringleader Draco Malfoy., but if pressed they could be made to read POTTER STINKS, and taunted Harry regularly, such as commenting that he was betting Harry wouldn't last more than a few minutes with the dragons.Later during the Yule Ball both they couldn't find anyone who was willing to go with them and ended up having to go stag.He learned to cast powerful dark curses, such as the Killing and the Cruciatus Curse.He accidentally killed himself using Fiendfyre on , during the Battle of Hogwarts.

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