Infrastructure contracts trust and institutional updating

On the strength of this update I decided to top up my holding, expecting the share price to rise quickly in the early minutes of trading. Who knows, I may dip in and out as projects move forward but my days of keeping a large part of my portfolio in Atalaya are over once I make some profits. Important message from the Financial Conduct Authority: Posting inside information that is not public knowledge, or information that is false or misleading, may constitute market abuse.When I checked in it looked like I'd be paying about 356. This took about 20 minutes & I ended up paying 364. This could lead to an unlimited fine and up to seven years in prison.This core set of 58 indicators and methodology were derived from working list of 134 indicators and related methodology sheets that were developed, improved and tested as part of the implementation of the Work Programme on Indicators of Sustainable Development (ISDs) adopted by the Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) at its Third Session in April 1995 and presented to the CSD in 2001.

It is Annex 3 of the Report of the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, Rio de Janeiro, 3 – 14 June 1992.Nice to see I'm not the only one disagreeing with the market. The discussion boards on this site are intended to be an information sharing forum and is not intended to address your particular requirements.M “if the price goes beyond that point we are into the unknown. The revenues consist of 4 items: - license fee - reactor sales - engineering support during design, construction and commissioning - catalyst sales - upfront and recurring The reactors and the catalyst are made by partners which limits the profits generated. Whilst information provided on them can help with your investment research you need to consider carefully whether you should make (or refraining from making) investment or other decisions based on what you see without doing further research on investments you are interested in.I did not have to fill in a W 8BEN when I originally bought & I thought the form was for where the company was listed, not where it was registered. If you have any information, concerns or queries about market abuse, click here.Not too bothered as this is a long term growth story. Tell you what, it's not a bad offer and might yet succeed. Just one proviso: if it happens, please could it finalise after 5th April, cos GKN's still in my old trading account and I'm up to my limit in capital gains. WINS [email protected] 112---------117 112.4................ The content of the messages posted represents the opinions of the author, and does not represent the opinions of Interactive Investor Trading Limited or its affiliates and has not been approved or issued by Interactive Investor Trading Limited.

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TP Just look at this mornings spread % yes you are looking at 46%. Whoever is in control of this market is turning the screw.

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