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For the first time, by the end of the date I felt like my soul was elevated, not the other way around.Over that unforgettable autumn, we saw a lot of each other. I don't have to contend with the nonsense of padding my ego by flirting with JDates. I was deathly afraid that I couldn't handle being married.So what lunatic would be so stupid to listen to the notion that I'd be better off going after another ego trip? A lunatic obsessed with those fleeting, temporary, phony joys that in the end leave us more empty-hearted and cynical. This was the biggest conflict I ever faced in my life and I had no answers to resolve it. This article seemed tangentially related to what I was going through, so I clicked it on. It was an article by Rabbi Tzvi Fishman about Jewish sexual values. Some acts, like male-female interaction, hold tremendous amounts of spiritual energy.When you direct this energy in an inappropriate way, this potential is wasted.Her strength of character, the candor in every word she spoke, the warmth of her soul all overwhelmed me. She loved prayer, Torah study, and the Jewish people. The days of my personal depravity are finally over! I got so accustomed to a life of going out with one woman, and then another. It's been a couple of months and your ego has been satisfied. " Whenever my inner demon spoke, I wanted to throw up. If I couldn't resist the urge for egotistical boosts today by remaining focused on my fiance, how could I remain loyal to her for the rest of my life?After a blissful two months together we got engaged. All those years of "not committing" finally caught up with me. No person on Earth is more perfect for me than Shula. I was reading the news and noticed an article about the spiritual dangers of pornography on the Internet. I'd always thought that sexual morality was about all the things you couldn't do. I learned that for every act we do, there is spiritual energy."Dave, you talk, look like, and act just like all the Americanzas on this site.

And my mind is clearer and sharper than ever before.I always thought a pint of Ben & Jerry's would get me out of the funk. Instead of dissipating the energy outward, I now channel it towards my wife. At every moment, I have the choice of becoming either further connected to my wife, or further distanced. I discovered that as I started to improve my behavior, some very incredible changes began taking place.Ever since I started working, my alarm clock was set 30 minutes before I had to be at my desk.and the two recently made it all the way official on Instagram. After a few messages back and forth, it was time to take things to the next step, so I called her.

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