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Though Kathy seems to have liberal views, when he reveals what he intends to do, she is taken aback and asks if he actually is Jewish.The strain on their relationship due to Kathy's subtle acquiescence to bigotry becomes a key theme in the film.Fearing an awkward scene, Kathy wants to tell her family and friends that Phil is only pretending to be a Jew, but Phil prevails on Kathy to tell only Jane.At the party, everyone is very friendly to Phil, though many people are "unable" to attend at the last minute.

Also, when Phil wants to celebrate his honeymoon at a swanky hotel for rich people in the country, the hotel manager refuses to register Phil, because Phil is Jewish, and tells him to register at a different hotel instead.Green tells his mother that he's struck by the odd notion that the idea for the article came from "a girl" at the magazine.His mother replies, "Why, women will be thinking next". Green and Minify agree to keep it secret that Phil is not Jewish. For the informal agreement between two parties, see Gentlemen's agreement. For the 1983 album by George Adams and Dannie Richmond, see Gentleman's Agreement (album).For the 1935 British film, see Gentlemen's Agreement (film).

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Gentleman's Agreement is a 1947 drama film which was based on Laura Z. It concerns a journalist (played by Gregory Peck) who poses as a Jew to research an exposé on antisemitism in New York City and the affluent community of Darien, Connecticut.

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