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To allow time for this and to prove the process beyond any doubt, we sought first to try it out in the cartoon field. We were told cartoons were good enough in black and white, and that of all departments of production, cartoons could least afford the added expense. However, we could not offer the three-component product to one customer without offering it to all, which required many more cameras, and the conversion of much of our plant.

Schuster) was the first British three-strip Technicolor film. Finally Walt Disney tried it as an experiment on one of his Silly Symphonies.The production cost question should be, what is the additional cost for color per unit of entertainment and not per foot of negative. John Hay Whitney began to show a practical interest in Technicolor.The answer is that it needn’t necessarily cost any more. After thorough investigation of the Technicolor situation by Mr. “But Technicolor had persisted in its research and development work so that by May, 1932, it had completed the building of its first three-component camera and had one unit of its plant equipped to handle a moderate amount of three-color printing.This first attempt was the delightful Flowers and Trees, following which Disney contracted for a series.

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