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From their first days at Harvard Medical School to the present day, none of them could have predicted what it would take, personally and professionally. '" And it was kind of strange because, even though when I interviewed here and I toured the place, I really felt at home, I still had never really pictured myself in the environment.

In "Doctors' Diaries," a two-hour special, NOVA returns to find out what sorts of doctors—and people—the seven young students have become. In addition to the Editors' Picks features at left, you can read in-depth interviews and see more video in Doctors' Lives from the original program website. And I still, when I walk across the quad, sometimes, I just kind of..hits me sometimes, "God, I'm at Harvard." I'm very interested in working with urban poor.

And it looked so, our cadaver looked so lifelike, and so real. I think, as we begin to work with the head and neck region, when the head will be unveiled from the pouch that it's been kept in, I think I'll be very uncomfortable with that, because for me, the head and the face are really, kind of, the seat of all emotions: the smile, a frown.

Even though we supposedly have a glut of physicians, there's still a lot of areas which are under-served, and there's a great need for good people to go in and work in those areas.

And then when I'd finished, he would say to me, "Mother, I know you didn't understand that.

Now let me explain it to you." I'm going to be simulating a real patient.

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