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Many people believe human trafficking doesn’t happen in the United States and those involved are kidnapped.Statistics show that only 3 percent of human trafficking victims are kidnapped, around 30 percent are sold by family or friends, and around 60 percent are tricked. In 2014, 3,598 sex trafficking cases were registered in the United States, according to the Polaris Project, one of the biggest anti-human trafficking organizations.

Many victims who escape in Wisconsin can get help from faith-based organizations such as 5-Stones in Appleton, but many victims receive help from their local social services and sexual assault services organizations, like ASTOP Sexual Abuse Center at St.

This went on for about two years, until her family relocated.

Flores told her story at Community Church’s second annual anti-human trafficking conference on Aug.

Irizarry said Wisconsin’s state laws against human trafficking are fairly strong.

The Polaris Project determines the strength of state laws based on 10 criteria, including items such as having laws preventing both sex and labor trafficking, providing victims support groups and providing a way for victims to receive civil damages from their trafficker, among others.

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