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Finally, recommendations are offered on how forensic psychiatrists can add to this research, given their professional interface between law and medicine.

At stake are the fundamental concerns that surround changing conceptions of the self, sickness, and expectations of medicine.

The odds that an offender with relatively low anterior cingulate activity would be rearrested were approximately double that of an offender with high activity in this region, holding constant other observed risk factors.

These results suggest a potential neurocognitive biomarker for persistent antisocial behavior.

Identification of factors that predict recurrent antisocial behavior is integral to the social sciences, criminal justice procedures, and the effective treatment of high-risk individuals.

Here we show that error-related brain activity elicited during performance of an inhibitory task prospectively predicted subsequent rearrest among adult offenders within 4 y of release (N = 96).

In this essay, I consider the liabilities and potential of techniques that measure human brain activity.

In demonstrating the utility of law and emotions scholarship, we also respond to some of the explicit concerns that have been raised about purposive legal intervention in the emotions.A prominent view of psychopathic moral reasoning suggests that psychopathic individuals cannot properly distinguish between moral wrongs and other types of wrongs.The present study evaluated this view by examining the extent to which 109 incarcerated offenders with varying degrees of psychopathy could distinguish between moral and conventional transgressions relative to each other and to nonincarcerated healthy controls.This article surveys the neuroethics and neurolegal literature on the use of forensic neuroimaging within the courtroom.Next, the related literature within medical anthropology and science and technology studies is reviewed to show how debates about forensic neuroimaging reflect cultural tensions about attitudes regarding the self, mental illness, and medical expertise.

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