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Some stand-alone options may not be part of packages, including factory options such as a moonroof or electronic stability control, and dealer options such as a roof rack and hood deflector.

There may also be a high-performance version, such as a GT.The German luxury manufacturers however (Audi, Mercedes-Benz and BMW) still prefer the former system with a large amount of possible customization options, with only a limited number of trim levels - Audi for instance only offer three (Standard, SE and S-Line), BMW offer just two (Standard and SE).A model may be offered in varying trim levels, which denotes different configurations of standard equipment and amenities.An example of this is the Volkswagen Golf hatchback and the Volkswagen Jetta, which is of "three-box" design with a boot/trunk added to what is essentially a Golf.Conversely, the marketing department may advertise a car model as a convenient derivative of some popular car, when in fact they may be completely different engineering projects with almost no parts commonality, or from differing generations of the model.

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For example, the Chevrolet Suburban is the oldest automobile nameplate in continuous production, dating to 1934 (1935 model year), while the Chrysler New Yorker was (until its demise in 1996) the oldest North American car nameplate.

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