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The plastic version was the child of a clay instrument, accomplishment of a series of evolutions and tests in the shape.

Those ancestors, with a raw clay finish or glazed, were not called Bocarinas Besides the shapes, the main difference between those two models lays in the design of the nose saddles, which « were merely a result of the evolutionary process of improvement.

--- [sequel of Part I] 1903 is the year of the appearance of James Joseph. And the Ann street store is more or less put in James J.'s hands who turns it towards... James, still bachelor, now lives at 196 Bay 14th, let's say in a nice district. is searching for a pianist, single and willing to travel: Indeed, the Stivers are launching the Humanatone! Did they bought the (already existing) brand Humanatone? I supposed they depend on the finish (nickel plated, painted, and so.) Where the hell does this "lion rampant" comes from?

He is 22 years old, his brother George, 27, and their father 49. And skilled in business as they are, they know the New Musical Wonder will sell only from demos... Well, eveybody's allowed to choose a lion as an emblem of majesty, power, force... And was probably invented and designed by George II, the steel engraver.

Let's better say : internet searching tools available for a Frenchie not able to access US real paper archives. It seems that George I wants to spread his activities, and still in the novelties business, opens a stationery 1427 Bath ave, near the seashore and the golf (that's probably also the moment he buys an hotel...). Note that there are already differents "styles" (and prices) of Humanatones.

Visser, the first Simmy nose flutes date from 1952.

They were probably european made, and could have been German. Maikel Mei to hypothesize that the Simmy was the ancestor of the Swan nose flute.

The noun 'stiver' is also used in the famous poem by the famous Robert Browning, "The Pied Piper" of Hamelin" (1842) (funny no? a lion rampant: A steel engraver like George II was had books of patterns, heraldry designs, and so on, and was certainly aware of that. They continue to be wholesaler for numerous novelties. It recruits several demonstrators, and organizes shows: please check this post. As done for the Dewey's celebration in 1899, the Stivers surf the « germistic effect »!

a virtual link between the Pied Piper and the nose flute! Note how the tail of the lion forms the "S" of 'stiver' and how - even spruced up - this letter-shape was kept in the Stivers' logo (engravers have the perfect eye for that! But look also how George added a pair or ears or horns, and a bifid tongue, giving the Humanatone lion a touch of demoniac look...! James is specialized in music instruments, and it seems (it certainly be the case later) that Geo. In 1907, a certain James Stivers is arrested for having stolen a diamond pin: Is it "our" James? The Humanatone begins to enter music catalogs, meaning it is now diffused everywhere in the country, and also abroad. An operetta, The Merry Widow, by Franz Lehar, was first performed in Vienna, in 1905 and became the biggest international success of its era.

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, hereafter famous all around the world for its beautiful and efficient design, was not born with a snap of Chris Schuermans' fingers...

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