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Explaining the Rapid Increase African Journal of Reproductive Health June 2015; 19 (2): 32 Unwanted Pregnancies and Induced Abortion in Southwest Nigeria. Risk Factors for Complications of Induced Abortions in Nigeria.

The Knowledge of Eemergency Contraception and Dispensing Practices of Patent Medicine Vendors in South West Nigeria. Abortion and Contraceptive Use in Sub-Saharan Africa: How Women Plan Their Families. Bulletin of the World Health Organization, 2011: 89 (12): 873-880C. United States Aid Policy and Induced Abortion in Sub-Saharan Africa. Global Public Health, 2011: 6 (S1): S52-S72; Mitsunaga, T. Among the potential implications are: young and poor men in Nigeria may not be able to find brides and form families due to a potential shortage of females; emigration of young and poor Nigerian men to West (Africa) and elsewhere to seek brides and form families; immigration of marriage age women from West (Africa) and around the world to Nigeria to seek husbands; and low contraceptive use and high fertility rates in Nigeria. International Human Rights Clinic, University of Chicago Law School.

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Sex Ratio at Birth in African Populations: A Review of Survey Data.

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