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The Accessible Parking Permit (APP) is issued to an individual or company and entitles the vehicle in which it is displayed to be parked in a designated accessible parking space.For permits issued to individuals, the person to whom the permit is issued must be transported in the vehicle and the permit must be visibly displayed on the dashboard or sun visor when it is parked in the designated accessible parking space.For companies that rely on volunteer drivers who operate a vehicle not owned or leased by the company, these drivers may access designated accessible parking spaces provided either the driver or passenger has their individual APP permit with them.The availability of especially reserved parking spaces is regulated by both federal and provincial laws.Anyone parking in such reserved spaces must have their plate or mirror placard displayed, or else the car can be towed for illegal parking.

These permits are displayed on the dashboard or sun visor of a vehicle at any Ontario airport. Only people who currently hold a valid permanent permit can apply for a Traveler permit.

Individual permit holders may use the permit in any vehicle in which they are traveling. At that time, the applicant must meet the conditions of the new program criteria.

Everyone under the Disabled Parking Permit Program (DPPP) must be re-certified by a recognized health practitioner once under the new criteria.

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