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Same-sex marriages are currently not permitted under Australian federal law.

Although same-sex couples in de facto relationships have had most of the legal rights of married couples since July 2009, there is however no national registered partnership or civil union scheme.

These homosexualities enable a complex ideal of Christian masculinity in which men are encouraged to be assertive toward the world while also being submissive toward God and family.

This web of sexual contradiction influences the flow of power between the sexes and within the state.

Public opinion polls in Australia consistently show majority support for same-sex marriage, yet political and legal opposition to it has stymied a number of recent attempts at state and federal level to legislate for ‘marriage equality’, which would require amending the federal Marriage Act.

Should marriage only be between a man and a woman, or are same-sex attracted people being denied the right to have their unions honoured by church and state in a modern society which should recognise long-term commitment in relationships, regardless of sexuality?

According to polls, from the early noughties to now, public support for same-sex marriage has increased dramatically.

A Political and Sexual Theology of Crisis Beyond Functionalism Struggling for the Christian Life A Political and Sexual Theology of Crisis Notes Bibliography Index Ludger Viefhues-Bailey is associate professor for methods and theory in the study of religion at Yale University and the author of Beyond the Philosopher's Fears: A Cavellian Reading of Gender, Religion, and Origins in Modern Skepticism.

out their rights as radical LGBTIQ sex and gender education classes become more widespread and even compulsory.

Australian parents have a right to know how a change in the marriage law will affect what their kids are taught at school.

Digital platforms like Facebook, Twitter and You Tube have proved to be useful outlets for political expression, and Rhonda Gibson explores how this came to benefit the marriage equality movement.

Drawing on a wealth of movement-related discourse, the book looks at: This book seeks to demonstrate how the unique ability of social networks to share personal stories on a mass scale, connect like-minded individuals regardless of geography, and leverage the bandwagon effect of viral content contributed to a seismic shift in visibility and public opinion around the issue of marriage equality.

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