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I therefore apologis for this interminable long threat and promise this will be my final tweet on the issue' Hunt admitted inflating an increase in mental health workers by 43 times the actual figure during a Commons debate last month.He misled MPs by claiming there were 30,000 more mental health workers than when the Conservatives won power from Labour in 2010.

Mr Hunt finishes the thread disputing Little's claims he 'knowingly lied' over his self-professed 'biggest expansion of mental health provision in Europe' asking the actor, who has yet to reply, for proof.I am sure I don't get everything right but on the basis of evidence no reasonable person could describe the claim as "knowingly lying"' He then tries to strike a deal: 'So let's do a deal: you provide me with evidence that I was - as you claim - deliberately seeking to mislead the public about mental health in my Marr interview & I will happily meet you, factcheckers and all' He promised at this would be his final tweet on the issue: '...I hope you understand that in the rough and tumble of Twitter sometimes we have to put the record straight!I double dare you.' It sparked a week-long war of words.Hunt, MP for South West Surrey, eventually hit back at the accusation and provided a range of statistics backing his claim up to dismiss Little's scathing remark - and double-dared the actor to retaliate.

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Little then responded after carefully fact-checking Hunt's disputed figures because he is 'never one to resist a challenge'.

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