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These have been corrected”, according to the broadcast watchdog.

The NBC enforcement report outlines the affected broadcast industry players as follows: ABUJA ZONE “Do you know that most surprising thing nowadays which most of these Pentecostal do all in the name of rally, they pick about 5,6,7 people, strip them naked only to be left with pant or boxers and use white chalk from their head to their feet to colour them and blowing trumpet and dancing demonic dance” was cautioned and asked to reschedule movie outside children and family belt.

Station on October 5, 2015 between pm – pm aired educational achievement of Ondo State Governor Dr.

This breached was warned for airing a programme, Ebony Herbal Remedy on October 20, 2015, during which the herbal practitioner discussed extensively bacterial infection stating the signs and symptoms in men and women such as internal heat, quick ejaculation, ulcer, typhoid etcetera.

was cautioned for airing a programme, Adituoladu Mare Herbal and Spiritual Centre on October 6, 2015, where a herbal practitioner claimed he can cure all spiritual and medical cases raging from cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure etc, and any form of spiritual issues.

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