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You can only take so much from it without upsetting its pressure bal­ance, and our biggest challenge is finding the maximum sustainable yield which the steamfield can throw off al­most in perpetuity.

“In a way, nature imposes its terms on us here,” he added.

Piped to the surface, the steam and water are separated.“There is no use building a 0m power station and have it run out of steam.” Conceptually at least, the idea of geothermal power generation is elegant in its simplicity though it is not without serious challenges, and maintaining sustainable yield levels so as not to “deflate” the heat bubble is only one of them.The geothermal fluids are also laden with silica which, by careful dosage of sulphuric acid, must be kept below its “polymerisation point”.Now the price of gas has doubled and geothermal is looking attractive once more.“And a good thing, too, because there is so much un­tapped potential under our very feet,” said Searle.

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