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Called 'the Queen of Palm Beach' and also 'Australia's Woman Surf Board Champion' by 1930, Alrema Becke lends us an insight into the growth of a sport and the growth of Palm Beach SLSC.

Becke, by the way, is not, as might be expected, persona non grata with the missionaries. Grieve, wearing misty blue flat crepe, finished with a rouleau of silver lame at the high neck; Dr. Douglas Carruthers, Miss Gwen Marshall, Miss Marjorie Hughes in black velvet, Mr. Eve ball, by staging what was probably the most spectacularly dressed party that the exclusive seaside holiday spot has even seen. was hardly a woman in the hall — which was the local store converted tor the evening into a ballroom — who possessed any back to her frock, at least above a very low waist-line.

He has for some time past been the Sydney correspondent of the PALL MALL GAZETTE, to which paper he also contributes sketches and stories of South Sea life. Stuart Henderson, Misses Betty Young, Joan Muggleston, Sheila Downie, Dorothy Major, Kathleen Rutherford, and Pauline Brooks.

At present be is engaged in writing a series of stories for the ENGLISH ILLUSTRATED MAGAZINE and the ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS. One of the most attractive frocks was worn by Miss Betty Blundell.

Again and again was this performance repeated amidst loud plaudits and shrieks of laughter from his companions; and certainly the ancient person did present a very amusing sight as time after time he flew before the roaring surf, his scant white locks trailing behind him like the frayed out end of a Manilla hawser, and his features expressive of the most sublime enjoyment. Brown, Palm Beach Surf Life-Saving Club held their annual winter dance at the Blaxland Galleries. Miss Joan Waddell, wearing black velvet, Miss Nancy Withycombe, and Miss Joan James, who wore a trained frock The party was arranged by the members of the club, Mr. GWEN HOWARTH, whose family of sisters is rapidly "getting off," looked more Gypsy-like than ever in a white beach frock, fastened up the entire front with brilliant scarlet buttons. GREGORY BLAXLAND, Helen to' her friends, a tall nymph in powder-blue linen shirt and shorts, is perhaps the loveliest woman at Palm Beach this year, though HELEN WILLIAMS, who is a great friend . popular LAURIE' FOSTER couple, seemed to be breaking an astounding number of masculine hearts, in her vicinity.

The most favored spots for this exciting pastime — the tobogganing of the sea, it may be termed — are the passages leading through the inner lagoon reefs, or, if there is not too angry a surf, the entrance to a bay or harbor on the outer reef. One of the hostesses attained a novel scheme of table decoration when she placed large beer mugs striped with green and black, the club colours, as mementoes of the evening for her guests. Paddy Kenny (captain of the club) entertained the official guests. Adrian Curlewis (president of the Surf Life-Saving Association) and Mrs. Perhaps hei titian hair has something to do with it. LAURIE, one of the best hostesses that Palm Beach has ever known, looked radiant in ice-blue satin jamas, in spite of the fact that she did not hit the pillow till the small hours of Saturday morning, and the fancy-dress party she gave on Friday night was still the talk of the Beach at the week-end.

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