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Now, one thing to consider when you buy a REUSABLE plastic bottle is its grade (if you go with aluminum reusable bottles, you are cool, but if you do plastic, you need to make sure it's a decent grade for the sake of your health! Look on the bottom of the bottle for a small plastic triangle with a number in the middle. If it has some other number, don't use it as a water bottle.

Those other plastics can make your water taste like plastic and leach harmful chemicals into your body.

It is really pretty- very slick, with a huge screen.

I also designed a ruffled bikini for a baby (I did it in leopard print- but you can make it plain or striped) on Knitty. And a battery that can be recharged (unlike our elderly Dell). But here is a strange thing- the Bell security, that we pay for, is not compatible with the 64-bit operating system that this new puter has. The computer did come with a free 30 day trial of Norton, which is probably what we will end up purchasing. I just got the local Wool Tyme newsletter, and Anne is featuring a pattern that I designed years ago (when I first discovered Cascade Fixation)-a wee baby hat.It is a freebie- go and see it here- makes a great ruffled baby hat (that stays on)-and takes one ball. 16.50| 7/93 Viking Penguin only published the hardcover edition in 1993. This edition also features advertisements for ordering other Stephen King books on both first and last leaf of the edition. King's success with Nightmares and Dreamscapes follows the same basic King story line behind many of his other successful stories: place ordinary people in fantastic situations and follow their reactions, with 'fantastic' defined as "Existing only in imagination; fanciful; imaginary; not real. The same paper stock is for the entire book Again, this specific edition is quite durable due to its preservation and lack of use by the original dealer There is no discoloration Material: Bluish Cloth with dotted line grain Stamping: there is a gold 'SK' stamped on the right side of the front cover Endpaper: the endpapers are dark blue with no illustrations Transcription of Spine: Stephen King|NIGHTMARES|&|DREAMSCAPES|Viking Front Cover: SK Back Cover: N/A There is an inscription on the fourth leaf of the book, transcribed In Memory of|THOMAS WILLIAMS, 1926-1991:|poet, novelist, and,|great American storyteller.| There is an extra story, entitled 'the Beggar and the Diamond,' which is not included in the Table of Contents There is a dealer inscription on the first leaf, with the edition number, price, and date of receipt: 1st ed. In the Signet version, there is different cover art depicting a divided sun (see question #2) On the first leaf, there are eight reviews about Nightmares and Dreamscapes from the Viking Penguin edition. The success of which marked the formation of the modern bestseller, which combined author history, formulaic plot and the power of the Internet.

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  1. We started dating with the idea we both were never going to get married." The on-screen love between “Game of Thrones” co-stars Kit Harington (Jon Snow) and Rose Leslie (Ygritte) has made its way to their real lives as well.