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Reports coming in via Twitter told of the protestors forming an incredible human chain around the museum to protect it until the army could come to take over. Zahi Hawass himself of some damage by looters and the destruction of at least two mummies.

We have plenty of evidence of various Roman versions of Senet, such as Duodecim Scripta and Felix Sex (Lucky Sixes), which developed into a game called Tabula, which then developed (eventually) into modern Backgammon. These all use rectangular boards, very much like Senet and very much , it’s hard not to conclude that these particular ideas aren’t really flowing past the Phaistos Disk.

Fascinatingly, there are numerous spiral Mehen game boards still extant: this illustrated list on the Jocari site is an exceptional resource.

Aleff would be right to point out that these contain many more sections than the Phaistos Disk: but for me, the big question is: ?

The amount of detail in this, and other models, give us insight into daily life, ancient technology, and social relations.

Even the bodies of the pharaohs themselves lie in state in the museum, like Ramesses III, who battled invasions by the Sea Peoples and whose wife, son, and officials conspired to assassinate him.

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