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Best yet, it only costs a little more -- or £39 -- than the G4 Play (it doesn't sell in Australia, but the That said, the G4 Play is actually a great budget find on its own merit.

I never encountered a moment where I thought, "I can't use this." The G4 Play is the Toyota Corolla of phones; it has that wonderful balance of price and value to do real-world things like text and email, upload photos and snap pictures of cute little Fifi.

None of the major UK networks are currently offering the phone, so for now if you want the Z2 Play you’ll have to buy it outright.

The Moto Z2 Play’s headline feature is that it’s a modular phone.

The modular feature discussed above means this phone has a unique design when compared to the i Phone 7, HTC U11 or the Samsung Galaxy S8 and indeed most current phones.

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You should also bear in mind that adding on various modules will mean the phone gets much thicker.

Without the modules, this is an extremely lightweight phone, and is comfortable to have in your pocket.

In fact, it’s one of the few modular devices on the market right now.

Motorola's way of allowing you to add extra features to your phone is via accessories called Moto Mods, swappable rear modules which you slide onto your phone.

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