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Living in the block of apartment buildings in Novi Beograd's neighbourhood of Paviljoni, both kids are extremely juvenile, though Pinki is a bit more thoughtful and articulate while Švaba is moody, impulsive, and prone to anger outbursts.

The duo also has another friend in the neighbourhood — Dijabola, an eager, geeky, and bespectacled outsider whose sexy and aloof mother Lidija is a well-known television host.

Though they hang out with him, Pinki and Švaba mostly treat Dijabola badly.

He is constantly the butt of their insults and occasionally even gets beaten up by them.

The story begins in the late summer of 1991 as the kids watch Serbian troops (regular JNA troops and various volunteer militias) going off to war in neighbouring Croatia where the Battle of Vukovar is raging.

Pinki's father Stojan is extremely frustrated about being forced into early retirement by the JNA army and thus missing the chance to go to war.

By 19, Serbia is under a UN trade embargo, and the war has spread from Croatia to Bosnia as well.

Pinki was born on , the day Yugoslav president Josip Broz Tito died, and was given his unusual name by his father Stojan Mučibabić, an idealistic, impulsive, and patriotic officer of the Yugoslav People's Army (JNA) who is deeply devoted to communist ideals and Marshal Tito.He spends his days glued to the television set, watching news reports from Vukovar and cheering on the JNA.By now he has transformed into a nationalist and has become extremely irritable, getting into petty quarrels with neighbours and venting his anger along the ethnic and political lines.Later, attempting to 'repair' their friendship, the shooter offered his recovered friend to shoot him five times in the exact body parts in order to get even.The recovered victim accepted the offer and shot his assailant back five times before they resumed their friendship.

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In the end, Pinki, who is wounded and is lying on the ground, laughs at the audience by claiming that he "made out better than you." Following the success of his previous film Lepa sela lepo gore, Dragojević signed with the William Morris Agency and was in advanced talks throughout late summer and early fall 1996 about moving to Hollywood.

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