Pregnant and dating tv series

“My professional life is the only thing that I feel I have a lot of control over -- romantic stuff is a little bit more mysterious,” the for American Airlines.

“I think a lot of women respond to that.” MORE: Oprah Winfrey Shocked to Find Out Mindy Kaling Is 5 Months Pregnant: 'My Mouth Dropped' Kaling is pregnant with her first child and has yet to reveal the identity of her baby-to-be's father, but opens up about why she wanted to portray a working mother on her Hulu series, .

Bad acting, terrible writing, absurd overuse of the word "sex", bogus plot lines, repetitive dialogue, insulting stereotypes.

Series creator Brenda Hampton (the lady who gave us 7th Heaven), seems to think all teenagers are sex obsessed maniacs, that everyone cheats on their spouse or significant other, and that your supposed "friends" couldn't keep a secret if their lives depended on it.

If all that is her state of mind, she seriously needs to wake up. Well, George is pretty funny with his often insensitive, but humorous lines.

Cleaver finds his assistant has been stealing money from him and fires her, but promptly attempts to re-hire her after she was injured by a falling Gargoyle.

Fuzz becomes depressed and anxious after Fiona left him for a younger boy at her new school.

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“But in almost every one of my married friends’ relationships, this is the biggest single cause of stress.” MORE: Pregnant Mindy Kaling Steps Out in Form-Fitting Dress Amid Pregnancy Reports, Teases 'Mindy Project' Final Season that will air on Sept. "It’s so unknown to me," she says of pregnancy and motherhood.

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