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Don’t worry if…When you visit Japan, you’ll probably want to find some weird and wonderful presents for your friends and family back home, and I know just the place to find them!

Village Vanguard blog.livedoor.jp/ Village Vanguard is a chain of shops in Japan that, at their heart, are bookstores.

In Hokkaido, Ainu museums and cultural centers can be found, but is it to distinguish themselves as different people or to provide a picture of Ainu culture for Japan?

It is hard to figure out whether Japan is preserving history or ignorance. However, it is hard to distinguish whether government policies are to include or exclude the Ainu people.

Behind different policies promoting Ainu culture, there is a continuing story of Ainu discrimination.

The consensus by the government shows that there are around 30,000 Ainu people left (Onishi, 2008).

This is because the Japanese language uses 3 different alphabets, sometimes even all in one sentence.

Could they just have been lies filtered through LINE camera too?

Sigh, all of our erotic vegetable dreams have been crushed.

Commentators say that Japan is on the route of becoming a multicultural country.

The notion of Japanese multiculturalism is embedded in Japan’s culture, education and society and this excludes minority groups of Japan.

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